COVID-19 Policies

New Policy effective Monday 8/16
Proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID antibody test, or a negative COVID test-result within 72 hours of attended event is required from everyone ages 12+ for all indoor events and films. Digital forms are accepted. 
Without one of these documents, we will turn you away from an indoor event or movie
Masks: required during youth programming, recommended otherwise
We’ll be following state and local guidelines of how to operate responsibly with the new surge of COVID-19 cases. For any youth programming (i.e. Super Cool Kids Club and Weekend 'Toons), we’ll be following Poudre School District Policies. As of now, this means masks are encouraged for outdoor and indoor events, but absolutely required indoors for youth events. 
Outdoor events: unchanged at the moment
Due to the reduced risk of COVID transmission while in an outdoor environment, we are not implementing policies that will affect our outdoor events (with the exception of the mask recommendation). That being said, please check event descriptions before attending to make sure there are not additional requirements and stay safe regardless.
Folks we are reeeeeeally frustrated to have to implement policies like this but here we are. Please follow the guidlines, don't be rude to our staff for enforcing, and seek out peer-reviewed literature while doing your own research because there's a lot of false and misleading information out there.
If you have a personal situation that isn't addressed our existent policies please let us know! We know there are a lot of shades of gray with health and we want to be as inclusive as we can while protecting the health and safety of our community as best as we know how.
Kisses from afar,
The Lyric Staff