Our Manifesto

Our Vision:

We’re the creative center of Northern Colorado providing world class hospitality and high-quality entertainment.

Our Mission:

The Lyric is a hub for the community’s creative endeavors. Always open to hosting new artistic projects. We’re both the vibrant, beating heart of the community, and a key pillar on which it stands. The Lyric is a unique destination with carefully curated and sometimes surprising film, food, and events. Our enlightened hospitality is second to none.

Our Guiding Principles (Values):

1) Community

We create a space for togetherness. We enrich and enliven the region. We engage and support the community with loyalty and respect.

2) Creativity

We always try to bring something new to the table, and encourage those around us to do the same by cultivating their talents. We are all artists in our own ways, and we can all express that, regardless of the medium. Art has value, and we recognize that value by paying artists.

3) Social Change

We are privileged and we use that privilege to help those who aren’t. We use our talents to help tell the stories of others whose voices aren’t always heard. We challenge the status quo, and do the right thing. We live and work ethically, honestly, sustainably, and with integrity. We are inclusive.

4) Hospitality

All are welcomed in our creative space, and those that enter our space are treated as friends. We are warm, welcoming, kind, understanding, caring, and consistent. Each visit is a unique experience. We’re not content to just press play and walk away.

5) More than a Cinema

The Lyric experience doesn’t start at the trailers and end with the credits. While a cinema at heart, we’ve moved beyond the constraints of the word’s definition. There isn’t anything we can’t do.